Friday, September 5, 2008

9-5-2008-YouTube - kellyyarnell's Videos

YouTube - kellyyarnell's Videos

Three videos of Kendall Jean....they are so cute and hope you enjoy them....can't wait to see the grand kids....


We took a city tour today and it was wonderful...Most of the pictures were taken out the window, so they aren't great. This is a panaramic view of the space needle and pugent sound....

The waterfront of Seattle is beautiful. This is one of the boats used on the "Deadliest Catch" TV show....I actually watch the show!!!

This is at the Locks. They had raised the bridge so this sailboat could pass through..

This building at one time was the tallest in the city. A lady still lives in an apartment at the very top where the pyamid of windows are.

The entrance to Chinatown..

The Space Needle

A troll statue that was built under a bridge. That is an actual beetle car under his hand.

Our driver drove us through part of the city called Magnolia which most of the homes are over two million dollars. Absolutely beautiful. The lawns are frilled with sculptured shubs. Very little mowing going on....


A beautiful scenic view in Washington....this was after leaving Spokane heading towards Seattle....I love the reflections in the water. Loyal and I stayed at a state park here in 2001 when we were returning from our road trip to Alaska....

9-4-2008-Gayle & Donna

Our friends, Gayle & Donna Anderson from Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk). Loyal and Gayle attended White City High School over 52 years ago. We are glad for our travels with them, especially the cruise....