Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9-3-2008--heading to Seattle

We left Gardiner today with Gayle & Donna Anderson (picture in a few days) heading for Seattle to board the cruise ship on Sunday. We had a great day driving 450 miles to Spokane, Washington and love the wi-fi at the motel....Our plans are to return to Yellowstone where we have the truck and 5th wheel parked, spend a few days and then head home..some of the pretty scenes along the way

9-2-2008--Number 6

Number 6 is well known in Mammoth for goring cars and charging dumb tourist when they venture too close....he has a red tag in his ear and if he gets too aggressive they will remove his antlers. In the first picture you can see he was running after one of his ladies to get her back in the group and then dug his antlers in the ground. All part of the rut....

9-2-2008-mama bison

Our last day to ride in the park until we get back from the cruise. The lighting was just right to get these great shots of her.....I tend to take mostly of the bulls.