Monday, June 2, 2008

Our first week and "900500 Bob"

We have completely our first week of work.....we have our same jobs as last year....Loyal is the dock man which means he checks in all vendors, trucks, packs and sends all UPS orders and he also helps stock the cooler.....I am the gift lead which means I keep all back stock organized to make for easy stocking and make sure the sales floor is fully stocked....I have several helpers that also stock....sort of a no brainer and to think I am getting paid!!!

I have to tell you about "Bob".....a lady brought a jewelry box to the clerk that had no price on it and wanted to buy it....there was no sticker or upc code.....upon further examination it was determined the box had been laid on the shelf by a customer and they accidently left it....AND, inside the box was a baggie full of "Bobs" ashes....they were probably going to be scattered in Yellowstone, which is against the law.....the supervisor called a mortuary and all creamation have to be registered with a number. So, we have 900500 Bob. Animals do not have to be registered, so that was ruled out.....WOW! what a story!!!!

More later....