Friday, September 26, 2008


Life is so good!!!!!
Gayle & Donna Anderson......
Star Princess docked at Ketchikan.....


In Ketchikan there is a santuary with two flightless eagles due to injury....I have grown so fond of eagles and although they weren't in the wild my dream of good eagle pictures came true...

9-9-08-Ketchikan, Alaska

Two panaromic views of the Ketchikan....
Look at that steep road!!!
The sea planes are docked just like you would dock a boat....
And yes, that is a Kansas State flag in the upper window of this gift shop.....Go Jayhawks!!!!!


This is the Star big ship!!
We boarded at 11:30 and found the food by noon.....
That is one big ice cream cone Loyal is standing by.....

9-7-2008-Cruise Day

In the background of Seattle is Mt. Rainer. We have actually been there and it is beautiful!!!

Seattle's seaport......

About Minutes of Gold

About Minutes of Gold

Sally Purvis, a friend I worked with this summer in Yellowstone makes blankets for this organization and I would like to share it with you......and if any of you would like to join in, please do...I copied and pasted from the home page of Minutes of Gold...I can supply patterns for these small 15 inch square crocheted, knitted or any other yarn stitch....Lou Ann

Minutes of Gold volunteers have been making infant bereavement garments for fetal demise and donating these items to hospitals since 1992. The nurses have the challenge of presenting these tiny babies to their grieving families. Without the gifts that the volunteers provide, there would be nothing suitable, available for this purpose. The layettes consist of a gown, hat, diaper, blanket and crocheted roses that match, and a gift poem card. that reads:
Please accept this layette,And know that we careFor into each stitch,We’ve tucked in a prayerThat God will be with you,for He sent us to you,to dress His new angelIn something special and new
poem by: Sonja Liles, Florence, Oregon
Nearly everyone can empathize when a child dies, but not everyone understands the impact of
early pregnancy loss on expectant parents. When a child dies, there is usually a strong support system in place. Friends of the child and parents, family members, teachers and neighbors unite to support the child and family. With an early pregnancy loss, such support systems may not exist. Family and friends may not relate to the loss as a death. Intentionally or unintentionally, they may communicate their desire that the parents hide what happened rather than to share their experience. The strength and support that a community can provide to these parents is thus diminished, not by indifference but by ignorance. This lack of understanding is why the Minutes of Gold volunteers strive to help dignify the loss of the tiny family member with appropriate and caring support. Grieving parents have only Minutes to spend with their baby.
There are currently two groups of volunteers working to supply as many hospitals as possible. One in
Salome. Arizona at Desert Palms RV Resort and one in Florence. Oregon at Florentine Estates. These two groups have so far been able to furnish layettes to all hospitals and individuals that have requested their gifts. Many caring people have donated handmade crocheted or knitted blankets to be included and monetary gifts have been received to help with the shipping costs. The project is totally funded by private donations. Minutes of Gold is a Tax Exempt Public Charity, 501 C-3 Corporation. If you would like to help with financial needs, you may contact Carol Slaugh founder and coordinator. Checks may be payable to Minutes of Gold and sent to 406 Sherwood Loop, Florence, Oregon. Click on Treasures of the Heart for comments from many of the nurses in some of the hospitals that we serve. There is never a fee for our gifts.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

YouTube - Bugling Elk

YouTube - Bugling Elk

I am playing with getting videos on my blog....bear with me please....

Friday, September 5, 2008

9-5-2008-YouTube - kellyyarnell's Videos

YouTube - kellyyarnell's Videos

Three videos of Kendall Jean....they are so cute and hope you enjoy them....can't wait to see the grand kids....


We took a city tour today and it was wonderful...Most of the pictures were taken out the window, so they aren't great. This is a panaramic view of the space needle and pugent sound....

The waterfront of Seattle is beautiful. This is one of the boats used on the "Deadliest Catch" TV show....I actually watch the show!!!

This is at the Locks. They had raised the bridge so this sailboat could pass through..

This building at one time was the tallest in the city. A lady still lives in an apartment at the very top where the pyamid of windows are.

The entrance to Chinatown..

The Space Needle

A troll statue that was built under a bridge. That is an actual beetle car under his hand.

Our driver drove us through part of the city called Magnolia which most of the homes are over two million dollars. Absolutely beautiful. The lawns are frilled with sculptured shubs. Very little mowing going on....


A beautiful scenic view in Washington....this was after leaving Spokane heading towards Seattle....I love the reflections in the water. Loyal and I stayed at a state park here in 2001 when we were returning from our road trip to Alaska....

9-4-2008-Gayle & Donna

Our friends, Gayle & Donna Anderson from Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk). Loyal and Gayle attended White City High School over 52 years ago. We are glad for our travels with them, especially the cruise....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9-3-2008--heading to Seattle

We left Gardiner today with Gayle & Donna Anderson (picture in a few days) heading for Seattle to board the cruise ship on Sunday. We had a great day driving 450 miles to Spokane, Washington and love the wi-fi at the motel....Our plans are to return to Yellowstone where we have the truck and 5th wheel parked, spend a few days and then head home..some of the pretty scenes along the way

9-2-2008--Number 6

Number 6 is well known in Mammoth for goring cars and charging dumb tourist when they venture too close....he has a red tag in his ear and if he gets too aggressive they will remove his antlers. In the first picture you can see he was running after one of his ladies to get her back in the group and then dug his antlers in the ground. All part of the rut....

9-2-2008-mama bison

Our last day to ride in the park until we get back from the cruise. The lighting was just right to get these great shots of her.....I tend to take mostly of the bulls.